Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trick, Trick . . .

My poor mint. What a dirty trick of nature!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remember the mint?

I underestimated the mint. 

What was I thinking!? 

I was thinking that even mint . . . that invasive barracuda plant . . . couldn't survive the winter when confined to a pot. 

I was trying to transfer my own 'stuck in the pot' (or house) for the winter feelings to the mint.

But the mint has survived it all and now that the warmth of Spring has begun to touch it . . . Look at it!! 

I survived, too, and the mint is now my new favorite potted plant. In fact I 'm going to get more -- varieties--  and have a little potted mint garden for summer.

If any body wants some of this mint just come and get it. It will outgrow this pot and need to be divided. 

Bonus: You can't kill it! Just don't let it out of the pot!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stimulated . . .

I've been wondering lately. . . 
Am I the only one that has the feeling that the Washington politicians are trying to make something be so because they say it will be so?

Like how does this work? When I max-out my credit card . . . Oh, I know!!! I'll just go get another one!!! And pay the first one off with it and I can keep buying. Then everything will be cool again.

This sarcasm really doesn't fit me very well but sometimes you just have to stop and wonder . . .

Mallard Fillmore is my FAVORITE comic strip. (I read three others regularly -- right after my crypto addiciton.) And today I just had to share.

I also like Bizarro.  This is where I'd be if I was in the White House. . . 

You just have to start Monday with a little humor. 

I'll try for something more profound and uplifting tomorrow. . .