Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Andrea's Apron

It has been almost a year since I posted the last blog.
I am not going to try to catch up.
I'm just starting where I am with a few minor historical facts.
My wrist has healed - mostly.
I had stomach surgery in November.
I have a new grandson - New total: 10 boys, 3 girls!
I am running again :) but not biking. :(
I started working at a quilt store part time.
I have a new blog called  Sew Much Good.

This is where I publish tips and tutorials related to my own patterns by the same name - Sew Much Good

I call them 
Patterns that Teach 
because you can go to my blog and learn the skills you need for the patterns. 

So far I have two patterns - a Christmas Table Runner and an Apron.

My friend Andrea is a kitchen Fashion-ista! Her ruffled apron has been the envy of many a  kitchen co-worker at various church events. I kept telling myself, "I have to make one of those aprons." When the Circa 1934 fabric from Moda came into the quilt store where I work I knew I had to act.

Voila! Andrea's Apron was born!

I published the pattern one day later. Check it out on my new blog! 
(Give me one more day and it will be there.)

You may want to be a kitchen Fashion-ista, too!