Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Real Man . . . eats Sushi

You know that old assertion that real men eat quiche?

Well my REAL MAN eats sushi.

He not only eats sushi he loves sushi. Maybe it's because he has spent his fair share of time in Japan.

So . . . when I saw a gadget that makes assembling sushi a snap! I knew I had the perfect Father's Day gift for him.

I ordered it covertly online and when it came I hid it under the bed for weeks.

I carefully assembled most of the ingredients (not the raw fish) ahead of time and hid them in various places in the kitchen where I thought he would not notice.

Did I tell you that this guy is VERY hard to surprise? I have only managed to do it a few times in the last 36 years.

So on Saturday afternoon I revealed my little plot and he was just as excited as I had hoped he would be. He couldn't wait to get to the store and find the raw fish!

Sunday afternoon we pulled all the stuff out from the various hiding places and had a GREAT time making Sushi.

It was delicious. But that wasn't the best part. . . .

The best part was the smile on my REAL MAN's face.

He does so many things for me I am so glad I can do this little thing to make him smile on Father's Day. He loves sushi and it is just one of the reasons I love HIM!

P.S. On Monday we did Sashimi!!